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Here’s a little more on ‘Win with Your Hidden Assets’.  Again – thanks for joining my community; I look forward to working with you to escape the daily grind and move forward into your big picture, and big money, dreams for your business and your life.

“Win with Your Hidden Assets!” helps you discover 50, that’s 50, under- used treasures you have lurking in your business right now.

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Win with Your Hidden Assets; Build Your Business with the Treasure at Your Fingertips! ($149.95 – for you, $39.95, now only on this page)
You possess a treasure chest of skills, assets, resources and talents that are waiting to be used by you. All are within your current personal or working environment. All can be leveraged to reduce costs and produce additional product, revenue stream, marketing benefits and time off for you.

This 14-lesson e-program, ready and delivered one lesson at a time, will help you identify under-used assets. Each discussion will help you see these treasures with ‘new eyes’ and discover their potential – greater benefit for you and your enterprise. The lessons and workbook will guide you to maximize these opportunities in ways that are uniquely appropriate for you and your business.

Wouldn’t you like the key to opening your own personal treasure chest, capitalizing on the investment of time, energy and money you’ve already put into building your business?

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In this 14-lesson program, you’ll discover at least 50 assets that could lead to greater productivity and reward for you and your business.

What Can You Expect to Gain?

  • maximized leverage of your existing product, personnel, processes, relationships
  • enhanced profit margin
  • greater benefit from fixed costs (plant, personnel, utilities)
  • a technique to invest energy instead of money
  • a means to avoid the need for external funding sources
  • improved communications with your staff, vendors, customers
  • new sources of creativity
  • expanded productivity
  • more time for you
  • in short, complete control of your business!

Every 4 days you’ll receive a lesson, worksheets and exercises to help you pinpoint the many opportunities for expanded benefit your hidden assets could provide.  The lessons will show you how to re-frame your thinking about each element of your business.  Each will include simple exercises to implement what you’ve learned.  And, because I understand the kind of busy schedule you maintain, each day’s activity requires no more than 1/2 hour.

This program makes no assumptions about the nature or size of your business; the results and suggestions will be completely customized to your situation. Whether you provide a service or product, this system will work for you.

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