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Choose one of the proven programs here
and this is what we can achieve together:

You will protect the quality of your life while improving profitability and productivity in your business.
You’ll have new tools to simplify things and find a real sense of mastery over your business.
We’ll shatter the internal stories that keep you locked in a never-ending cycle of work, work, work.
You’ll have a fierce advocate for your big dreams and desires, making sure you take steps to advance them, one small step at a time, every single day.
We’ll cut through the noise and clutter that keeps you bogged down in the daily grind and shift your attention to creating tomorrow’s advances.
You’ll find freedom from limiting beliefs, behaviors, attitudes and expectations; you’ll replace them with new ways to achieve outcomes you’ve begun to doubt are possible for you
You’ll replace the fears and insecurity in your skills with the strength of a solid conviction: your personal vision is clear and your business is on track to help deliver it.

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Coaching Options for Results, Guaranteed

Shift Happens

Monthly tele-meeting designed for the small business owner who wants to expedite success with the support of trusted advisors.

Shift Happens! Here is your opportunity to reach out to your peers in a convenient, affordable and value-filled forum to gain, offer and share insights, expertise, feedback, meaningful support, creative thinking and more. Why should you consider joining? Count the ways here!

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Becoming the Boss

This is a low-cost investment, both in time and money, with high-impact results for you in 2 critical areas: support and accountability.
Want more details?

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Master Your Business

You’ll start with a detailed intake package that provides a groundwork understanding of you, your situation, your support system, what needs to change and what you want to achieve, short & long – term.

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Master Classes

Everything needs to get done, yet it doesn’t all need to get done by you. However, there are so many business functions you’d like to master on your own or just learn enough to outsource it well.
Here’s a broad variety, with audio and ppt lessons to not only expand your knowledge but also learn how to apply them specifically to your business some are really calling your name.

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Boss on the Beach

90-day, program to improve those operations that are holding back your business and personal success, delivered with private and customized conversation.

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