Boss on the Beach

Port Jefferson Station, NY


Boss on the beach FHD

Boss on the Beach

120-day program to improve operations overall that are holding back your revenue and personal success goals, delivered with private and customized conversation.

Each month we’ll share 2 extensive, far-ranging phone, online or (if possible) in person, focused on your desired outcomes.

What topics will we explore?

  • We’ll start with your Mission and Vision Statements to ensure your actions consistently represent and advance them.
  • We’ll establish Critical Success Factors – those circumstances that must be in place to achieve your goals.
  • We’ll establish your short and long-term goals (30-day, quarterly, yearly, 5-year) in both the personal and professional arenas and lay out the actions that must be taken to advance them.
  • We’ll layout a calendar of events, arising from your critical success factors, to advance these priorities.

Along the way we’ll address effective marketing, improved productivity, managing your priorities, team development, writing your business plan, expanding your online business, maintaining and improving a sense of balance with the rest of your life. The foundation for any plan will be your ability to pursue it:

  • a budget
  • access to resources
  • the time to implement it

Your progress will be tracked with a weekly email check-in, keeping you focused on your BIG goals. I’ll bring the resources and tools I’ve amassed over 3 decades of business ownership to support you towards the success you envision and deserve.

No matter how hectic things can get – and they do – you’ll have a partner who sees your vision and will keep it in sight with you.

Your Investment: $2897