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Done 4 You Service

Sometimes, what you want to achieve will happen easier, faster and less expensively…when someone else does it for you.


When you want to use online marketing tools yet you don’t want to divert energy from the bigger function you serve as business ceo, hiring someone with relevant experience & resources is the way to go; someone with a subject matter expertise who will apply it to your project, either on a temporary or ongoing basis. You’ll speed your results, get full reporting and the ability to measure effectiveness with a ‘done for you’ option.

For decades, I’ve studied and used a variety of tools to communicate value, create relationships, promote events and products, deliver results, generate revenue and measure effectiveness. I can do it for you, too; here’s how:

Before we do anything, let’s have a conversation:

  • Identify your intentions and goals
  • Clarify your sought, targeted audience
  • Confirm your budget
  • Re-enforce your brand image with consistent messaging

Once we get started, you’ll receive reports on progress and completion with opportunities to tweak the project. Choose from the following:

Ongoing Services:

I must be out of my mind: The P.E.P. Club – Perfect Elevator Pitch – delivers monthly, downloadable trainings, audio and written on everything you could possibly want to know about marketing AND offers the support and immediate attention of a private Facebook group:

$9.97/month (class closed)

Weekly brief updates to your site or Linkedin profile:


3-5 times/week scheduling and distribution of your messages across  5 social media platforms, pages or groups; monitor your brand, review analytics:


Want more from social media marketing? Let me really ramp up your presence: in addition to the above service, I’ll add you to relevant groups, comment (as you) where appropriate and invite ‘likes’ to your Facebook page, Instagram account or the social tool most relevant for your business, using  a variety of techniques. I’ll produce brief, monthly branding videos using your graphics. Investigate relevant audience and place targeted ads, using your copy and graphics. Full reporting on all activities and results. (cost of advertising is additional and completely controllable):


Set up one account on your chosen email provider, upload & categorize your lists, schedule weekly messaging, auto-response series or newsletter; provide weekly response reports:

$377 start up/month 1; thereafter, $235/month

Monthly site maintenance: updates, down time, back ups – varied levels of service to ensure your site represents you in a pristine way, 100% of the time.

please review options here.

Dislike networking or just don’t have the time? I’ll do it for you. I’ll attend up to 4 networking events/month throughout Long Island and represent you and no one else. I’ll select those likely to attract your desired audience and I’ll speak with folks as your ambassador; I’ll hand out your business card only and collect prospects for you with a report on each conversation I have. Once you’re my client, I’ll work with no other provider in your category:


One Time Services:

Create a single landing or squeeze page, opt-in box, add your prepared text, your video w/music & effects, FaceBook comments:


Web Audit: a one-time comprehensive ‘back office’ look at your site and all the elements affecting its performance – key words, links, files, images, back links, loading time, etc.

$395 – $795

Your marketing funnel: consultation to understand your unique market and up to 3 different entry level landing/squeeze pages to drop your audience into the funnel that responds to their sought benefits. We’ll connect to your email marketing tool with a relevant auto responder series with option to up sell to a next level purchase.


Produce your 5-page, mobile-ready site with your prepared text and images, your social links, opportunity for blog/comments, 1 video, tabs, slider, your photos:

$1577 – $3700

Your PowerPoint presentation turned into a 2 minute video with your audio, music, effects and hosted on your youtube channel or web page:


Your 30-second crafted ‘elevator pitch’ and a lesson to make it uniquely relevant regardless of the person with whom you’re speaking:


Create an animated ‘white board’ video, 1-2  minutes with music and your content:


Design your profile/account on 1 major social platform (Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google+):


Copy write your article or blog post; up to 500 words:


Copy write your 2 paragraph marketing, benefits-focused email message:


Design your logo, flyer or brochure:

$197 – $697

Design your slide deck to attract your customer or investor with a story that engages their specific benefit; includes private consultation to clearly understand your objective as well as that of your audience:

$2500 – $5700

Your strategic, fully integrated marketing plan, schedule and budget produced in a day together:


Want to learn more about how partnering with a seasoned marketing pro will advance your goals? Just get in touch with me directly: 631.642.7434