Are You a Business Owner Who Fears the Covid Pandemic and Its Aftermath will Put You Out of Business?

Pretty scary headline, isn’t it?

It’s even scarier as a thought in your head 

Throughout 20 years as a professionally trained business owners’ coach, I’ve never seen a situation where so many  have concerns over a potential total business loss – not just their own but the shut down of their vendors, customers and partners.  Not one of them wants to let their business go. Every one of them wants to figure out how to swiftly and effectively shift gears to deliver their product benefits in a way that’s responsive to what they are confronting. And, remarkably, at the same time, new clients are coming to me with value-filled and timely ideas for new business offerings, focused on delivering massive service to their identified audience.

There’s probably never going to be a more relevant time to have support and partnerships; to have an objective sounding board to find all the opportunity and assets you could leverage. The ideal response may be to have a team – other small business owners who are navigating the same enormous challenges yet differently than you simply because they approach circumstances from a different point of view or experience.

Your Personal Advisory Board

Business Owners Who’ve Already Confronted and Solved the Problems You Face Today

Think Differently than You & Will Lead to Creative Solutions

When New Ideas are Exactly What You Need

Since 2002, I’ve hosted many business masterminds and achieved a professional facilitator’s certification to ensure it’s done well. What does that mean? It means we all co-create a completely safe space where candor, confidentiality, open-mindedness, willingness to share, creative solutions and accountability are the key components.

An advisory board is your opportunity to reach out to peers in a convenient, very affordable and value-filled forum to gain and share a wealth of invaluable resources. This is your opportunity to gain:







creative thinking

meaningful support

They’re all saying ‘Pivot!’ But where to? How to?

This is your opportunity to build or revise your business so it delivers on your priorities

We’ll get there together by focusing on three things:

Your Why: Sometimes, remembering the underlying reason – your motivation and your goal – is what can keep you going. So, we’ll get very clear on your vision for success and the mission statement that propels you forward daily.

Your What: You have strengths, resources, relationships and other ‘hidden’ assets you can leverage for greater (and less expensive) contribution to your business. Your team will help reveal what they are.

Your How: Here’s where we review (or create) your plan – budget, marketing, team, timeline and processes – and your visibility to your audience.

And what do you get as a result of having these resources?

  • The security you need to regain during a very insecure business landscape
  • The abundance you’ve craved through a profitable, well-run business
  • The sense that you’re on the right path, moving forward, with support and partnerships
  • The time to enjoy your family, friends and personal life
  • The ability to contribute – to customers, team, the community that supports you

This is where you’ll find personalized expertise, solution-focused resources, short cuts built on experience and peer support to see you win!

As a small business owner, one of the great resources you could access is the expertise and support of your peers. Consider the value in sharing with or learning from:

  • those who’ve faced the frustration you often feel
  • those who understand your situations and concerns
  • those who can offer reliable resources on your behalf
  • those who can tweak and fine-tune your plans and choices
  • those who can help clarify your ideas, strategies, goals, vision
  • those who‘ll listen and take all your ideas and suggestions seriously
  • those who have found answers & solutions for the challenges you face

The problem is, how do you ask? Who do you ask? Where do you find those who are willing to hear you and want to help solve your problems? How do you know you can trust someone not to take your ideas or share them with your competition?

The answer is:

Business Conversations Unlimited©

With this confidential, structured and candid format, you’ll find yourself in a safe environment where each member has come to share, learn, and listen with an open mind; to give you the respect and compassion you may need to discuss sensitive topics; to focus your scattered thoughts on the option that will work for you; to get beyond frustration to solution.

All the benefits you want and none of the hassles. For example:

  • You may have considered engaging a business coach and find the investment, though wise, is beyond your current means.
  • You may have joined various business groups and find they‘re primarily designed to exchange leads or solicit your business.
  • You may have considered attending non-competitive, ongoing business groups yet find the time requirement is more than you can commit.
  • In your BCU group, the focus, cost and time commitment are ‘right on the money’ responsive to your needs and resources. And, the virtual meeting format means you can join us from anywhere; you won‘t have to choose between commitments. Your BCU colleagues will become resources you’ll turn to for reliability, honesty and confidentiality in a focused, frank discussion each month.
  • And, if you miss a meeting, well, of course we’ll miss you. However, you’ll get the recording and still have access to the ‘aha’ moments I know you’ll find, month after month.

With Business Conversations Unlimited© the comparison of cost vs. value will always top out on the ‘value’ side.

an invaluable option for confidential and focused professional attention on your business

access to like-minded small business owners, willing to share their experiences for your benefit

increased skill at quickly clarifying your needs and desired outcomes

new affiliations and friendships

support when you really need it, while you work through challenges

the accountability of your peers, making it harder for you to delay action on your own commitments

a diversified support team

the collective wisdom of the group

the energy of business owners who want to succeed by making their dreams real

new strategies and techniques to expand your competitive edge, save time, make more money, build stronger relationships with your clients and colleagues

added focus to identify & surpass the goals specifically meaningful for you and your business

private coaching from a seasoned business coach whose sole agenda is to see you succeed at a faster pace

How Does it Work?

  •  a 2-hour group Zoom meeting each month. Time to discuss your issue, decision, challenge, or opportunity for which you need help; you’ll get specific, actionable feedback from your trusted peers 
  •  a private and recorded strategy meeting with me each month
  •  semi-annual planning session: start with the end in mind and then break it down into scheduled and doable, small steps
  •  access to business people willing to share so you’ll expand the resources in your tool kit
  •  a private forum – post issues, requests, documents, suggestions, tools in between meetings
  •  discounted or free participation in tele-classes, workshops, services and programs offered by your coachBCU Intake
  •  Action Guides, Prep Forms, Planning Templates to keep you on track to your goal
  • Use me and the group to expedite and advance your goals, whether business or personal
  • with your advisory team, plan actions to streamline your path towards the outcome you  desire

What have Clients Said?

“I want to thank you for continuing to motivate me; I look forward to our next Zoominar. Thanks again for sharing your passion and knowledge w/me, it’s contagious.”

Kelley J. Waltrip, District Manager, Arbonne

“You always kept me on track and focused on my big goals; even in the middle of so many projects and details I knew the important tasks to pursue and could count on you to support me.”

Steve Neary, Sr. EVP, South Fork Funding

“Thanks for this!  Your perspective is like viewing something from a fresh set of eyes and it’s good to have that!”

Lauren Bradley, Partner, West Star Capital

“I give you credit for emotional clarity, strong boundaries and grounding me  as I returned to my business path; thank you! I was in a fog due to life circumstances  and this is very significant for me.”

Kathleen Hendrickson, M.A.

“This call today was amazing, just like the last one. The group dynamics, combined with the value of the information/advice shared on the business conversation calls, are a key component to the future growth of my business. Thank you again for everything.”

Laney Liner, Blue Thunder Creative Group

“Great session! You are an excellent facilitator. I like the format, movement and dynamics within the group. I was wondering how the 2 hours would go…it went fine! You are excellent at keeping everything moving in a timely way and even ended right on time!”

Joani Madarash, accessLinx


“I realized I love the group format, thank you!”

Catherine M. Laub, healer


“I really got a lot out of this call. Thank you so much.  As always, you are fabulous!!!!”

Joan M. Strong,  space planner


What Do You Bring to the Successful Meeting?

  • Willingness to share experiences, impressions, wisdom, feedback on behalf of your fellow members.
  • Attend and participate in the meetings — focused, prepared and on time.
  • Your belief that others can assist you and have your best interests at heart, without any hidden agenda.
  • Extend complete confidentiality and be asured the same courtesy will be extended to you.
  • Able to hear and respect others’ points of view.
  • Help your fellow group members toward the success they seek and they’ll contribute to yours.
  • Do the things you commit to do.


Extra, Extra! We Love ♥ Bonuses  for Fast Action Takers

BONUS #1: Your customized website audit will uncover opportunities to improve traffic, user experience, loading time, weak or duplicate content, pages blocked by robots, broken links, bad files and generate a report of problems you can fix. The value? Well, pretty priceless if you count on your site to build your reputation and deliver sales. But, for the time that we’ll devote, let’s call the value: $285

BONUS #2: Expansive private meeting with your coach to review, plan or revise your annual marketing plan; value: $425

WOW – that’s an extra $700 in bonuses, the kind that will grow in value after you use them; pretty good deal!

Yes! I Know the Power of Having an Advisory Team; Count Me In!

So, what’s the cost?  $147/month or $1470/year (that’s 2 months free)

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Get your support team in place now. Start finding the feedback, solutions and opportunities that have eluded you so far.

You don’t have to build your business alone! So many business owners have found the solutions you need. So many business owners are looking for the help you’re able to provide. Do you believe ‘what goes around comes around’? Do it with us! Join Business Conversations Unlimited; find the partners, support and resources to shift gears as we navigate a new business landscape, build a better-run, profitable business, enjoy a happier life through the results of your business vision and actions.

Still have questions?

No problem. You can reach me right here:

We meet as a group the last Thursday each month, 6 p.m. – 8 p.m., Eastern; Your private strategy session is scheduled per your convenience ~ 

The first step is here. Make your investment choice, get ready to see your business frustrations become your opportunities & achievements. I’m looking forward to sharing a conversation 6 months from now when you tell me: “I’m so thrilled my business has changed: it works for me, it honors my priorities and I’m reaching goals I’ve wanted for years!”

It feels great to wake up each day with gratitude for the life you have, knowing you built it from a business you love; a business that adds to the lives of all who come in contact with it. And it starts by knowing you  can get the help you need from a team that wants to see you succeed.


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It’s next summer: Will you still be deep in the lonely frustration of handling everything yourself? Will you be struggling to transform your business into your vision of more value for clients and more wealth, freedom and choice for you?

Invest in your dreams, right here and now! Put those dreams on the ‘front burner’ where they belong! Use the tools, get the answers, the support, personalized care and guidance this program includes and watch what changes.

Start making changes to achieve the business and lifestyle you’ve always wanted with a world-class selection of resources and support team.

Enjoy a business that continuously delivers value for you, your customers and all it touches. Select the ‘Yes! Let Me In Now’ choice that works for you. Don’t leave this page without making this commitment to yourself and your dreams!

P.P.S. While I recognize that sometimes things get in the way, the greatest value comes from your commitment: I and your fellow members will commit to doing our best on your behalf and I know you’ll do the same when you choose to join us. Your greatest benefit will come from attending the meetings and following up on your action steps. Sound good?