Zoominar! Marketing/Business Development

Marketing is not Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok or YouTube videos.

And, marketing is not selling.

Marketing is not digital, analog, matchsticks and fire.

And, despite the misgivings of some, it’s not deceptive, manipulative or fake.

So, what is it? Simple:

It’s the communication that you’ve got some bundle of benefits to offer an audience that’s told you they want those benefits.

That’s it; really.

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Sounds simple, and the intention is. It’s like putting together a party: you think about who would be a great group to have, the kind of music that will create the mood you want, the food that will be easy, avoid allergic reactions and bad stains. Do all that really well and, when they leave, you’ll hear “best party, ever!”

That’s what you want your marketing to achieve but with customers who are so happy they did business with you, they provide testimonials, long-term business, referrals and feedback.

Marketing: tricks above, principles belowBut, before you can put all those details together, before you can jump up and down over those holy grail results, there are some details you need to master; the inside scoop on what, how and why the right people will respond – really, feel drawn – to the promise of your message (or party invitation).

There are psychological principles, scientifically proven, which are permanent. They are like solid walls. They will not be knocked down. They are important because you can rely on them in a changing world, 24/7/365.

When you master these basic principles, you have confidence in your team, your inner team – your innate knowledge of your customer and why she believes your product or service will deliver her important, desirable result. You don’t worry about the latest trends because you have a wall of unshakeable principles you can always rely on for results. It will stand even as the stones of that wall change their appearance over time. No matter what is the platform du jour, no matter what your teenager is screaming at you to use, you’ll know there’s only one way to choose: “where is my audience when s/he’s receptive to my marketing message?”

I’ve written about these “principles” before; some examples are:

  • Urgency increases conversions
  • A guarantee reduces a buyer’s risk
  • People respond well to stories
  • Customers buy benefits, not features

While I frequently illustrate how to use fundamental marketing principles with tools (titles, google, SEO, funnels, content, Facebook, etc.) principles are the main thing that I want you to learn here from our weekly Zoominar. Not where to click. ‘Where to click’ you can learn anywhere. Besides, that is constantly changing yet marketing psychology to connect emotionally with your customer is what you want and what remains. And, more important than that is how to apply those principles.

Remember: Knowledge in itself is not power but only potential; action on that knowledge is power. What does an academic gain by knowing if she does not use it for useful purposes?

So, join me for the weekly Marketing Zoominar; learn what, why and how to apply what will work for you ~

The principle is WHAT to do, and Clicking is HOW to get it done. And how you do something is important, of course, but what matters is what you choose to do and why – strategic decision making. The strategy, the path you select that is most engaging to your audience; most relevant to your value proposition and mission. How you market your benefits is a choice of details; much easier to master once you master ‘why’.

Got it? Want to learn what to do and why – in your specific situation? With your products, services, benefits and audience? Join me for a new Marketing Zoominar, my gift, each Thursday afternoon, 4 p.m. Eastern.

Next meeting: Every Thursday, 4 p.m. Eastern

Your topic: A review of a marketing principle to simplify and strengthen your choices. Join me for a brief discussion and learn what they are ~

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