Master Your Business

Master Your Business

You’ll start with a detailed intake package that provides a groundwork understanding of you, your situation, your support system, what needs to change and what you want to achieve, short & long – term.

We’ll use this to lay out a summary plan for improvement and, with a prep form, we’ll check in with each other via weekly email to confirm your actions, results, reward (oh yes, rewards!) and relevant next steps.

Additionally, we’ll speak twice monthly by phone/skype. We’ll address recent wins & frustrations and how to use both for your next level of advancement, based on your pre-determined goals.

This is a 4-month program designed to:

  • reinforce your systems
  • document procedures for consistent application
  • build a capable team that reduces costs and allows you to focus on future development
  • improve the quality of your profit and your life, leading to a well-run business that doesn’t need you 24/7



I’ll do my best to answer; please reach me here.

I met Andrea shortly after I started my own business. I knew very close to nothing. Andrea guided me with her vast experience offering ideas and insights into many aspects of business such as marketing, employee development, social media, etc. Her coaching and expertise allowed me to double the size of my business in revenue & personnel and reach parts of my market I don’t think I would have been able to do on my own. I am grateful for all of her guidance and for keeping me accountable to myself.

Josh Glas
President, PhiGem Parts