Gotta Get Back in Time?

It’s today – the day Marty McFly chose to send his ultra cool DeLorean with its Flux Capacitor 30 years into the future. It’s a weird sensation on so many levels because it really is, right now, that date, 30 years after Marty changed his parents’ past for the benefit of his (then) present by giving them a happier, cooler future version of themselves. Got that?

It’s also 30 years later for us all and while new starts may seem to materialize at a single moment in time, in truth, they result from each incremental step we take to create what’s next.

On Oct. 26, 1985, I was just 2.5 years away from leaving the best and last job I ever had; of course, I didn’t know that then. What I know now would have been of great help when I took that leap, 28 years ago. Well, I’ve landed nicely and did it with help, mental shifts, changed circumstance & revised priorities, always looking for what was a real, next opportunity.

Looking for new opportunities? Me too. I’m opening doors with ideas and contributions from all directions and hope you’ll play along. And, if you happen to be a woman in business who took the leap from employment to employer or owner; if you expected your past success as a company team member to bring you fast success as a leader in your own company; if you’re doing it all to improve the quality of your life through your well-run, profitable enterprise and NONE of this seems to be happening so well, then stick around; I’ve got tools and techniques to share that will make a true difference for you, your family, your customers and all who associate with your business and want it to produce something of value for them – the thing is, they all want something different! Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is figure out what that is, let them know you’re able to deliver and then deliver. Why? Because as soon as you deliver what they want, I promise you’ll get what you want.

Here we’re going to focus on 3 things that will make this work beautifully for you:

  • Your ability to shift from doing what worked for you as an employee to doing what works now that you’re the ceo of your enterprise (some folks call this ‘time management’; we’ll call it managing yourself through the flow of time)
  • How to use marketing effectively with one goal in mind: to reach your customer with relevant, benefits-focused messages using tools to find them where they hang out and not┬ámaking choices your 14-year-old or competitor tell you to make
  • ┬áMost challenging of all, to figure out that the outcomes you can enjoy come from the assumptions, beliefs, expectations and attitudes that have a firm grip on your own internal steering wheel

Want to wrest control? Leave your comment, ask for help, let me know what specifically needs to change and together, we’ll make it happen.


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P.S. Here’s what I want: I want you to be a happier biz owner who enjoys her life and knows she’s delivering products of quality through a business that doesn’t need her on call, 24/7. Why? For me, this is simple: the happier you are about the circumstances of your life, the more you’re going to share that great fortune of happiness with others and, one by one, we’re going to improve the lives of millions.

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