Complete the program, and  gain 1 hour of free time with every lesson, I promise. You’ll have gained 10 hours of productivity, connections, revenue, profit and smiles within 30 days.

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Does any of this ring true for you?

  • – want to work less
  • – want to focus on higher level actions
  • – need more free time
  • – need to be more productive
  • – want employees who’ll be more productive
  • – got time management problems
  • – feel there’s just not enough time to get it all done
  • – seeking stress managment (too pooped to notice the mis-spelling?)

Yes, you’re in the right place.

The ‘30 Day More Free Time Challenge’ is delivered to your e-mail box, every 3rd day for 30 days.  You’ll receive10 brief segments, each focused on a different time-related headache:

  • planning too many events
  • not inspired being at your desk
  • allowing frequent interruptions
  • hiring people who never get it right
  • poorly planned & zero-result meetings
  • getting blind-sided by the unexpected
  • confusing being busy with being effective
  • spending precious time on every priority except your own

Want to make a BIG change? Pain relief from these stresses will be more free time – whether you want to focus on what’s truly important or dangle your toes in the pool. Complete the program, and  gain 1 hour of free time with every lesson, I promise.  That’s 10 hours of more free time within 30 days. What’s more, you’re just getting started because over time, as the effectiveness of each lesson really takes hold – for you and those you work with – you’ll begin to see a continued, rolling effect of more and more free time, more productivity, more sales, more profit more smiles.

Sound good? It’s yours – $117.97

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