In this short but densely packed guide, I use brief case studies to illustrate how you can save time in your personal life and in business.
Is your idea of time management a race with a clock?

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Are You a Time Junkie?

You know what I’m talking about:

  • You find yourself running around, with never enough time to get everything done.
  • Your to-do list is a mile long and seemingly getting longer by the minute.
  • You end each day wondering why almost everything you planned to do still needs your attention and you wonder ‘what the heck did I accomplish today?’

Well – you’re far from alone. In fact, over the past 11 years, I’ve coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and long-time business owners who have found themselves in the same exhausting position. Some were stuck in a rut, unable to achieve their goals because just maintaining the status quo was taking everything they had. Others wanted to sell their business and move on but found themselves unable to break free and wondering ‘who’d ever want to buy this headache?’

These worries found their solutions and I compiled the powerful strategies I used with business owners in a wide variety of situations, all of them related to Time as the Enemy.The result is “Time Junkie – 101 Ways for Business Owners to Break the Habit and Get More Free Time NOW!”

In this short but densely packed guide, I use brief case studies to illustrate how you can save time in your personal life and in business.

Is your idea of time management a race with a clock?

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • How to keep from taking on so much responsibility that your time is no longer your own
  • Ten small things you can do in your day-to-day life that can save you hours in a week
  • Methods of moving forward without becoming bogged down by the past (you know you are!)
  • How to focus on the big picture and rise above the details that trap you every day
  • How you can enjoy your time off rather than worry about how things are going at the office without you
  • Why “knowledge is power” is actually very far from the truth
  • Ways of scheduling your day so you can handle unexpected situations without throwing your whole day out of whack
  • The key to hiring a top-flight team that can handle most of your daily operations, leaving you free to do what you do best
  • How to ask for help without feeling like a failure or that you’re letting yourself down by not knowing how to do it all
  • Over 50 little things you can do to streamline operations, manage your workload and maximize your available time

And the kicker?  While implementing the changes I recommend, you’ll be adding value to your business AND finding ways to make more money with every hour you gain!

I said ‘101 tips,’ and I meant it. There’s a lot of helpful info in this little book. Now – not everything in this book will apply to you, but you’re sure to find a tip or three that will help with your exact circumstances many times every day. And just to make sure they do, there’s plenty of space for you to write in your planned actions to get these Tips working for you a.s.a.p.!

“Time Junkie – 101 Ways for Business Owners to Break the Habit and Get More Free TimeNOW!” is being printed as you read this. If you want to find the power within you to take control of your time rather than letting it control you, here’s your chance to get your hands on one of the first copies to come off the press!

Why Believe Me?

From my years as a manager for a famous Wall Street firm through 2 decades of multi-business ownership, managing well-run teams and enjoying a rich personal life, I’m a happy example of getting the most out of every day and coming home to enjoy my family. And the secret? Just make Time your friend and not your enemy – you’ll find 101 Ways in this small yet powerful guide book, yours for just $14.95. I know you know that you’ll enjoy far more than that small investment with the first Tip you apply! Want proof?

Try this single Tip:

# 41 Make yourself replaceable – and then move on. When only you can handle all that must be done, you’re prevented from growing into your more productive self and are a slave to your business. Ironically, the more we can let go of the sense of control that comes from this state, the freer we become.

Who’s ready to move up the ladder? What higher level work will you be able to do when s/he’s trained?

That’s just 1 of 101 ways you’ll find to break your Time Junkie ways in this little, power-packed book.  Here are some comments from people who read ‘em all:

Andrea, this book is simply amazing! This is the first book I’ve found on using time effectively that doesn’t tell me how to manage time – it guides me to manage myself smartly through time; and that’s a lot easier to manage, especially when you make the real pay off so obvious and attractive.
Milana Leshinsky, Passive Income Coach, milana.com

These tips are not the usual stale time management ideas that come from an old cookie cutter; they’re fresh, pithy and I’ve already circled the first 10 I’m going to implement today.
John A. Hill, President /CEO, Long Island Advancement of Small Business

Not one of these tips is designed to make me work faster or harder in what would be another failed attempt at ‘time management.
Laura Wiletsky; President, Laura Wiletsky & Associates, Public Relations with Visible Results

Time is that precious commodity that we never seem to have enough of.  If only we could steal back some time each day, imagine what we might accomplish!  Fortunately, Andrea Feinberg’s “101 Ways to Get More Free Time” provides practical tips to help you take control of your time – and your life!  As a creative type who is constantly jumping from project to project, I found the third section of the book, “Let’s Take Care of Business,” particularly helpful.  Andrea’s guide is loaded with ideas and actions steps that you can use immediately!
Lou Bortone, The Online Video Guy, www.OnlineVideoBranding.com

It’s refreshing to read a book that truly provides a new perspective. You’ll discover insights and learn practical tips that will help you transform your business management style for better business results and a more rewarding life. This book is a gem!
Stephanie Leibowitz; President, Cultural Insight

Andrea gets to the heart of the time management through her insightful tips.  Most books stop there.  This one does not.  Andrea takes each tip and creates challenge questions to help in their implantation.  Brilliant!
Jacquelyn Gernaey; CEO & Founder The Alternative Board New York

This book benefits from having been written by a real long-time business owner whose perspective is right on the money!  Andrea knows how busy we all are to learn new tricks or waste time re-visiting old, discarded ones.  Bottom line — this book ROCKS!
Craig Duswalt, Speaker and Creator of the ‘RockStar System For Success’www.CraigDuswalt.com

Here’s a Proposition for You:

You’ll also receive a special report, “5 Ways to Get More Free Time and Super Productivity from Well-Run Meetings”, a $57 value, my gift to you with your purchase. That’s right; meetings. You know, those things that waste more time than any other part of your business day? Once you learn these proven techniques, you’ll never feel the frustration of time and money being sucked down the drain by an unproductive meeting again. You might be asking ‘why give away a report that’s worth more than the cost of the book?’ Well, the truth is: this is my first foray into book writing – something I wanted to do with the time I’ve gained, and I want to start things off with a bang. Who knows?  My next book may be a primer on how writing a book can add so much to your business.

How will you use the time you’ll gain with this powerful little book? That’s your choice. So get in while the getting’s even better than good: grab the book now and receive the special report on turning sleep-inducing meetings into productive, idea-generating events that produce positive,results and sales. Just $14.95 and a click on the button right here will send you on your way to higher productivity, increased earnings, and, of course, more free time.

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